Parenting with MePower®



When you’re the parent you want to be… you create healthy & harmonious family relationships.

You know what you’re doing isn’t working. Too often you are frustrated, angry, and there has to be a better way.

You’re right. There is a better way. Strengths-based and heart-centered Parenting with MePower® focuses first on your strengths and values as a parent. You show up authentically and confidently in your parenting.

When you change, your kids’ behaviors change too. You’ll discover more direct, effective, and respectful communication = more cooperation, fun, and positive relationshionships.

Just as every family is unique, the delivery of Parenting with MePower® is individually tailored to your family’s needs, expectations, and aspirations – the sequence and design are customized for you.


As the parents of a pre-tween daughter, we’re actually aware of how quickly social dynamics change. MePower® was a great way to remind our daughter of her personal power and how she can use that to help herself and others. It’s a great program for the entire family and we highly recommend it!”

Heather and Bill Crowley


(We) completed the 12 week MePower® experience with Deb and I highly recommend it for ANY family. When I asked my 7 year old about his goals for MePower, he said he wanted to learn how to be a ‘SuperHero for Love’ which to him meant ‘respecting others, helping others and being happy.’ MePower® helped to broaden his understanding of superheroes and police officers to include not just physical strength but emotional strength, kindness, and service.”



My Wife and I want to take the time to provide a testimonial for Deb Chisholm and the positive experience we have had in working with her. Deb’s full-family approach involves everyone, it asks that each person show up to learn, support and encourage one and other.

Deb’s MePower® program aims to empower all involved through learning new ways of thinking and acting, changing negative behaviors and building self-confidence in your child in a way that respects where each person is at without judgement. The terminology is simple yet powerful - helping kids (and parents as well!) to understand that each has the power to control their decisions, emotions and behavior - the outcome is incredibly empowering for children to recognize.We had a great experience with Deb and we use the techniques we learned from her in our everyday family life and highly recommend her program. Thank you Deb!

Ashley & Dan Wenschhof

“MePower is such an amazing program.  My son has even stated that he ‘can’t wait to see you again next week’!  What your program is already doing for him and what I’m confident will be the end result, I’m nothing but grateful.”

Larry H.

"(MePower) has been a great success for me.  It helps me stay in control and make up my own mind."

Y.B., 10 yrs. old 

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As a certified Life Coach (International Association of Coaching) and 40+ years as a parent educator and school counselor, Deb powerfully combines these skills in her approach to working with parents. Coaching has been proven time and again to bring sustainable results for clients – it is engaging, thoughtful, and tailored to the individual’s or group’s needs.

Deb’s long-time experience in parent education includes the principles of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, with a focus on encouragement, belonging, consequences, and positive engagement. Central to her parent coaching is the MePower® Program Deb created, providing a simple, clear way to understand personal power. This includes your strengths, values, convictions and beliefs about parenting and how you want your family to be.

The content of this program is consistent, the delivery is customized to meet your family’s immediate needs.