About Deb

I believe everyone has the capacity to be confident, strong, kind and authentic. Everyone.

That’s why I do this work

I designed the MePower® Program while working as a guidance counselor in a middle school. Children came to me struggling with bullying, peer pressure, cliques and popularity. I saw the need to translate the abstract concepts of personal power and empowerment into a concrete plan for them.

As the students took the information in and made it their own, I watched them thrive. That’s when I knew there would be endless potential in teaching this mindset.

Working with parents and kids

Now, when working directly with parents and their kids, I love giving parents the concepts and skills they need to feel confident, make their best decisions, and most importantly, act on them. This is the process of becoming the parent you want to be, and when you’ve done that, family relationships are more kind, thoughtful and fun.

Harmony is no longer a dream – it’s reality.

Expanding the work to empower women

Over the years I have expanded the program to work specifically with women as well. Women across all ages and life stages come to me with a common feeling of unease with their place in the world. They want to go to their core, their MePower®. They want to listen to their hearts and redefine who they are, the choices they are making, how they are living, and how they are showing up in their families, workplaces and all relationships.

I can show you how to quiet your inner critic and have the confidence to live authentically. Women confront a lifetime of messaging that emphasizes meeting external expectations and standards of perfection at the expense of what we really have to say and who we truly are. We can unlearn that impulse to trade our core selves to please others.

My Hope

I want you to know and believe that everyone has the capacity to be confident, strong, kind and authentic. Everyone. I will help you realize this heart-centered power and how to transform it into action.

Being true to yourself is not only possible, it is transformative 

My Style

Our collaboration is a judgment-free zone. I will meet you with warmth and empathy in a setting that puts you at ease.

For families, this may mean meeting with parents or children separately as well as having group conversations.

With individual clients I have the flexibility to structure our work to meet each person where they are and respond to their unique and individual needs. I take joy in our ongoing relationships and I love to hear from former clients excited to share their continued successes.

No matter what, I will introduce you to your MePower® and help you realize how it can show up in your life. Our heart-centered work will shift your mindset and focus on your core values and beliefs. When you put that work into action you show up as your true self in the world.

When you feel like you have drifted astray, I will help you center yourself in your power. I am here to provide you perspective on your progress, your strengths, and your opportunities.

We all have MePower®. I know I can show you how to access it. 

My Credentials

I am a life-long education professional who has worked closely with my teaching colleagues, parents and students for 40 years. My strengths-based  approach to teaching, learning and coaching has been an ongoing mission.

 My world has been enriched by the diversity, compassion and creativity of those I have developed relationships with throughout the years.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education
  • Master’s in School Counseling
  • Certified Masteries Coach, International Association of Coaching
  • Certified Retirement Options Coach
  • Board Certified Coach
  • Current studies include Professional Learning Communities, Life Coaching and Positive Psychology
  • Studied Adlerian Psychology, Reality Therapy and Cooperative Learning

Professional Group Leadership:

  • Elementary teacher, middle and elementary school counselor
  • Undergraduate & graduate level instructor
  • Facilitated mutilple Teacher Study Groups, Parent Study Groups
  • Program Leader for Coaching for Great Work, Developmental Assets trainer, and Vital Education Team Leader at the Coaching Center of Vermont.

Professional Recognition:

  • Recipient of the Vermont School Counselor of the Year Award
  • Recipient of the Teacher of the Year in Chittenden East Supervisory Union
  • Vermont’s nominee for the US Dept. of Education’s Christa McAuliffe Award in School Counseling