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Coaching for Kids
Are you worried about your child's self-confidence?
Coaching for Parents
Are you searching for answers to help your child cope?
MePower™ Training Programs
Are you frustrated by your kids' mean behaviors?
Coaching for Adults
You want change: are you struggling with getting started?





You know that your child is a great kid. Me Power confidence coaching with Deb helps them be that great kid.
The focus is on their strengths, personal power, and assets.



You’re feeling the pressures to be a “good” parent, and you are worried about how to help your child feel confident and be able to cope. Deb’s coaching with parents helps them be empowered too.



Adults working with children in a variety of settings struggle to help their kids be kind and be empowered to make positive decisions. Building a Me Power culture can make all the difference.



Feeling stuck? And wanting change? Yes, you are ready, and want to move forward. Empowerment coaching focuses on your strengths and personal power to realize the change you desire.

Kids' Confidence Coaching


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