Everyone is a star - unique and meant to shine brightly

I believe everyone has the capacity to be confident, strong, kind and authentic

I help you achieve that


About Deb

Deb Chisholm is a professionally recognized school counselor, educator, facilitator, coach and parent educator who has dedicated her 40-year career to helping people of all ages recognize and act on their strengths, values, beliefs, and talents. She is passionate about working with adults and youth to create positive change in their lives.


I love my MePower® sessions. MePower® is the key to open doors to a fulfilling life!”


“Deb’s MePower® program guided me during a time of my life when I was anxious and uncertain about my future. Now after working with Deb for six months, I feel more confident in myself and my decisions than ever. Deb’s patience and kindness let me open up and discover my values, needs, and wishes. Deb helped me learn how to make life decisions while being my authentic self and feeling comfortable stepping outside the status quo. Thank you, Deb,  for all your wisdom!” 

        Abbie Penfield-Cyr

Are you exhausted by the constant conflict with your kids, power struggles, lack of cooperation? 

Empowered parents create healthy and harmonious family relationships.   I can help you with a whole family approach, beginning with you, the parent.

Or, are you worried about your child because they give up easily, they are sitting on the sidelines of life because of shyness or fear?

I can help you help your child.  Confidence is a skill and mindset that can be developed at any age!

Are you tired of meeting others’ expectations, striving to be perfect, and living with persistent self doubt?

You want to speak up.  Show up being true to yourself.  Have a confident mindset.

I can help you.  Change happens when you are grounded in your heart-centered personal power and living in alignment with your core values and beliefs!

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