MePower™ Training

MePower™ develops and supports children’s understanding of the positive power all kids possess. We address the power dynamics of bullying and give kids proven tools so they can hold onto their personal power by responding from their hearts, with conviction. This program also provides a clear structure so adults can process these challenges students face, supporting both the person targeted and the person doing the bullying.

Me Power™ programs teach kids to “listen to their hearts and be their true selves”. They each have strengths, talents, values and beliefs that make up their unique identities. Knowing they have Me Power™, children and youth appreciate and are confident being their authentic selves.


MePower™ Basics

– What MePower™ is (Assert, Beliefs, Courage)
– Why it is a critical key for student happiness and success
– Positive and Negative “Cool”
– Mind/Heart Connection
– How to apply this powerful concept in your work
– How to integrate MePower™ into curriculum you are already using

Kids in Action — Creating Positive Change

This workshop is about taking Me Power™ to the next level: action! Deb created the 1-2-3 process in response to one of her students telling her that he would freeze at recess when bullying was happening. He wanted to do something, he knew he had MePower™, and in the moment he was stuck.

– The proven 1-2-3 MePower™ process children can use in teasing, mean, or bullying situations. It is quick, simple and powerful
– Mindfulness and the thought cycle
– What happens when you choose not to use your MePower™
– How our brains work, especially under stress
– Being Me – Being You (accepting differences)
– How to use the 1-2-3 process to facilitate problem solving with the person targeted and the one who bullied

MePower™ helps children use their heads and act from their hearts.

Contact Deb to co-create a MePower™ program that will inspire, engage and empower your students!





“Me Power helps children deal with challenging situations and be their true selves in that it gives (them) a common language that is meaningful. The A-B-C is an easy acronym for children to remember and they truly believe that they have Me Power, the Assertion, Beliefs and Courage that are theirs.”
Denette Locke, 1-2 Classroom Teacher

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